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Born and raised in Karachi - Pakistan, Sr.Master Hassan started his Martial Arts training under Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed, World Champion & Founder of Bushi Ban International in 1981. There he learned Grand Master Zulfi's Street Fighting & BUSHI BAN System as one of his senior most students.

From 1991 he trained with Dr. Abdullah Moton founder of Ma Ming Tong Martial Art Federation of Pakistan, where the emphasis was mainly on internal arts and weapons like Aikido, Iaido (sword), Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style), Shaolin Long Fist Form (Kung Fu), Shaolin Ban Quin Form (Shaolin Bo) & Basics of Sai.

In 1993 he started teaching Tai Chi under Dr. Moton's supervision to his students. In December 1994 Master Hassan was awarded Black Belt in Aikido and was Certified as an Instructor of Tai Chi for both Long and Short form of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

In August 2001 he took up the responsibility of becoming the Director of Internal Arts for Bushi-Ban International. He is responsible for teaching internal Arts.

He constantly trains, attends seminars and workshops by G.M. Zulfi Ahmed (Bushi-Ban Int.), G.M. Maung Gyi (Founder and Chairman of U.S. Bando Association), G.M. Masayuki Ward (Chairman Okinawan Shorinryu Karate), Grand Master Kiyoshi Nishime,  Dr. Abdullah Moton and Shihan Dana Abbott.

On July 1st , 2000 he was inducted into the “World Karate Union Hall of Fame” and “Martial Arts Action Magazine Hall of Fame” in January 2002. In 2010 he was inducted into "Masters Martial arts Hall of Fame" and was awarded the Pioneer Award.

He is currently serving as Eastern Region Director for Bushi Ban International and Liaison for Bushi Ban Pakistan. He currently holds 5th. Degree Black Belt in Bushi Ban System, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Yammani Ryu (Okinawan Kobudo) Weapons system under Kiyoshi Nishime, 4th Level Master in Internal Arts under Dr. Abdullah Moton of Ma Ming Tong Federation and is also a Certified Instructor for Toyama Ryu Iai-Batto -Do (Samurai Sword) system under Shihan Dana Abbott since 2006.

Senior Master Hassan Saiyid
Owner - Bushi Ban CT./ 5th Degree Black Belt
Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
Eastern Region Director
Bushi Ban International
Sensei Dan Whitaker
Asst. Head Instructor
Bushi Ban Seymour
3rd. Degree Black Belt - Bushi Ban System

Dana Y.
2nd Degree Black Belt - Bushi Ban System
Mr. Justin Leonetti
Head Instructor - Bushi Ban Seymour
2nd Degree Black Belt - Bushi Ban System

Miss. Maritza Wilde
Tai Chi
Mr. Charlie has been practicing Martial Arts since 2005.   He currently holds Black Belts in two different systems.   He is a 1st Degree Black Belt in the Bushi Ban Martial Arts System studying under the direction of Master Hassan Saiyid.   He is also a Black Belt in the Yammani - Ryu Okinawan Weapons System studying under Shihan Kiyoshi Nishime.    Mr. Charlie has attended numerous seminars and workshops with Masters and Shihans from around the globe.   Some of them are Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed, Shihan Dana Abbott, Grand Master Masayuki Ward and Great Grand Master Dr. Maung Gyi to name only a few.
Mr. Charlie is also a practitioner and competitor of Extreme Martial Arts.   He has been coached by 12 time NASKA - World Champion Sensei Matt Emig.    Mr. Charlie is a PSKL (Professional Sports Karate League) 2010, 2011 WORLD CHAMPION and was inducted into the KRANE International - Karate HALL of FAME.    Mr. Charlie is an 8 time State Champion, 3 time National Champion, 4 time over all Grand Point Champion, and a Triple Crown Champion.   He was the 2010 KRANE male Junior Competitor of the Year and in 2011 was awarded the Myles V. Gosselin Black Belt of the Year Award along with a Scholarship check.

Charles Ricco Jr.
                 Jr. Asst. Instructor
Jr. 2nd. Degree Black Belt-Bushi Ban
             National Competitor and
             2010 World Champion