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Currently serving as Eastern Region Director for Bushi Ban International and Liaison for Bushi Ban Pakistan. He currently holds 6th. Degree Black Belt in Bushi Ban System, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Yammani Ryu (Okinawan Kobudo) Weapons system under Kiyoshi Nishime, 4th Level Master in Internal Arts under Dr. Abdullah Moton of Ma Ming Tong Federation and is also a Certified Instructor for Toyama Ryu Iai-Batto -Do (Samurai Sword) system under Shihan Dana Abbott since 2006. Inductee of Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame. 

Senior Master Hassan Saiyid
Owner - Bushi Ban CT./ 6th Degree Black Belt 
Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee 
Eastern Region Director
Bushi Ban International
Sensei Dan Whitaker
Asst. Head Instructor
4th. Degree Black Belt 

Bryan Teixeira
Bushi Ban ,Sword and Chanbara 

​Bushi Ban International Grand Masters, Senior Masters, Masters and Senseis. Over 600 years of experience. 
Sensei Wojciech Wasilewski
4th. Degree Black Belt
Senior Head Instructor
Seymour Bushi Ban
Jessica Turlis - Instructor
Jr. 3rd. Degree Black Belt - State Champ.
Experties - Japanese Sword &
Bushi Ban System
Prof. Matt Jones
8th Degree Shotokan
 5th Degree  Bushi Ban & Member Senior Master Council