We have been teaching life skills through Martial Arts for over 15 years in the valley. 

BUSHI BAN is an international organization with over 20 schools around the world. Our World Head Quarter is based in Houston - Texas and is one of the largest Martial Arts facilities in the US. 

For over 30 years, BUSHI BAN International has been the world leader in Martial Arts and Health and Fitness. Now, you and your family can experience the countless benefits of the BUSHI BAN System!

Our internationally recognized award winning Martial Arts Programs guarantee a complete mind and body workout unlike any other:

• Relieve stress 
• Gain & Improve self-confidence 
• Lose weight 
• Muscle definition 
• Toning and strengthening 
• Hand-eye coordination 
• Physical skill 
• and much more! 

Health & Wellness
All programs are designed to help you adopt and establish a healthier lifestyle and a sense of well being.

Life Skills
Our programs are designed to improve communication and specific life skills.

Character Building
More than the kick and punch, we are established in building inner-strength, self-discipline, focus, self-esteem, and confidence.

Personal Development
Building a positive mental attitude through our programs is just one of the steps to build positive personal development.

Self Defense
Due to the escalation of violence in today's society, we at Bushi Ban believe in personal protection through physical preparation and staying mentally aware of your surroundings.

For the competitor in you! At BUSHI BAN, we open doors for the persons that wish to compete at both national and world levels. 

Rich History & Tradition
Upon becoming a member, you are entering into a world of traditions and history in the Martial Arts.

It's just that! 

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